Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do I want to be like my mother?

“I will never be like my mother!” I have heard that said so many times by so many people who were disappointed about all the mistakes their mother’s had made while they were growing up. My childhood was very painful at times and I gained a lot of scars from it. So I had to ask myself the question…  

Do I want to be like my mother?
Do I want to be strong when the world is falling around me?
Do I want to be an example of God’s love in my actions?
Do I want to build others up with my words?
Do I want to have authority when I pray?
Do I want to have compassion when it is not deserved?
Do I want to surrender everything I have to God when he asks?
Do I want to walk away when it is the hard decision?
Do I want to stay when God tells me to stay, even though I feel burnt out?
Do I want to be willing to admit when I am wrong?
Do I want to cling to God when life is suffocating?
Do I want to face the monsters rather than run from them?
Do I want to hold up others when they are falling?
Do I want to teach my children how to love like Christ?
Do I want to show what forgiveness means?
Do I want to be an example of walking by faith not by sight?
Do I want to be wise from learning God’s word?
Do I want to have the fruits of the spirit in my life?
Do I want to be like my mother?  

Yes, my mother made mistakes. Yes, there were dark times. Yes, she did the wrong things at times. But though it all I watched her cling to God’s promise that he has a plan for her life. I watched her hold fast to the things of God. I watched as she surrendered all her dreams and walked away from everything she had been holding onto. I watched her live out a life that would have crushed anyone. My mother is the personification of Job’s walk with God. I know that my heavenly Father looks down on my mother and says “well done good and faithful servant.”

I love my mother with all my heart and I am so blessed that God chose to place me in her care! I would be honored to be even half the woman she is! So, to answer the question… YES, I DO want to be like my mother!

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